Utility Tractors with a Range of Trencher, Rockwheel and Other Attachments for Maximum Job Site Productivity

Whether you’re trenching for installation of a variety of utilities, including gas, fibre, water and electric on road and residential developments, or undertaking large-scale agricultural irrigation installation, Vermeer Ride-on Trenchers & Rockwheels are perfect for the job.

Cut through rock, concrete and other tough surfaces easily with a Vermeer rockwheel. Designed to take on challenging ground conditions, these rockwheels will give you clean, straight-sided trenches for a variety of rock and pavement cutting jobs, including patch and joint placement on interstates, streets and highways.

A range of trencher attachments are available, including standard centre-mount, offset with conveyor, as well as vibratory plows and reels for water, power and communications cabling.

Versatility and effectiveness of Ride-on Trenchers & Rockwheels is enhanced further with the addition of diverse attachments such as backhoes and backfill blades.

The SPX25 is an ideal machine for cable/fibre and irrigation contractors.

  • Length: 289.6 cm (basic tractor, tracks)
  • Weight: 2814.5 kg (basic tractor, tracks)
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Power: 49 hp (36.5 kW)
  • Length: 3.3 m (basic tractor, quad tracks)
  • Weight: 3538 kg (basic tractor, quad tracks)
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Power: 65 hp (48.5 kW)
  • Length: 338.3 cm (Basic tractor, tracks)
  • Width: 199.4 cm (Basic tractor, tracks)
  • Height: 254.8 cm
  • Weight: 4232 kg (Basic tractor, tracks)
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Power: 74 hp (55 kW)
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Power: 120 hp (89.5 kW)
  • Length: 3.8 m (Basic tractor, tracks)
  • Width: 235 cm (Basic tractor, tracks)
  • Height: 292.1 cm
  • Weight: 7330 kg (Basic tractor, tracks)
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Power: 127 hp (95 kW)