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When we say we have unmatched HDD customer support, it’s because we do. Speak with a Vermeer HDD tooling specialist at your local dealership about what’s going on with your machine (no matter the color), your ground conditions, your mud mix or the tooling you need for the next job.

Vermeer mobile tooling specialists have an acute focus on tooling and will work with you to select the best tooling for ground conditions, drill size and type, as well as other considerations

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Unique, non-torque spline connection system

Vermeer Ultra X3 Drilling System

The Vermeer Ultra X3 drilling system is designed for utility-sized rigs digging in most ground conditions. Equipped with a unique, non-torqued spline connection system, it offers compatibility with a wide range of pilot bit and pullback configurations. This enhances the operator’s ability to move from one drill to another and maintain familiarity with the HDD tooling.

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Borestore HDD Tooling Catalogue

We’ve provided a link to Vermeer Corporation’s Borestore catalogue below to help you identify the best rod, tooling and consumables for your Vermeer rig. Use the contact form below to discuss solutions with your local Vermeer HDD specialist.

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