Whether it’s helping to extract and process the earth’s natural resources or helping harness renewable energy sources, Vermeer has the solutions and support that Australia’s mining and energy contractors need to deliver on time.

Terrain Leveler Surface Miner

Vermeer’s Terrain Leveler surface miners offer, fast, precise and on-grade surface excavation for high volume mining and civil excavation applications. Whether it’s a mine, building site, road tunnel or airport runway, if your project requires precision rock excavation while managing...

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Solar Pile Drivers

To answer the need for quick-working, accurate equipment, Vermeer has developed the robust, productive PD10 solar pile drivers. Over the past several years, renewable energy sources – like solar – have become increasingly important contributors to the world’s store of...

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Reclaimers & Solid Control - Gas Field

The importance of an efficient flow of quality drilling fluid is no secret, but we asked a lot of field experts anyway. Designed to meet rigorous ANZ Ex and IECEx compliance requirements, the R600HC combines industry leading performance and safety...

Meet our Reclaimers & Solid Control - Gas Field