Pipeline Installation Equipment

Track trenchers and horizontal directional drills for large-scale gas, oil and water pipeline installation.

Australia’s top tier pipeline contractors have relied upon Vermeer Track Trenchers, Horizontal Directional Drills and HDD Solids Control units to get the job done for more than 30 years.

Horizontal Directional Drills - Pipeline

Horizontal Directional Drill Maxi-Rigs From a heritage of underground utility installation going back decades, Vermeer has been a market leader and innovator in the horizontal directional drill (HDD) industry for more than 20 years. HDD rigs made for large diameter...

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Reclaimers & Solids Control – HDD

Reclaim Drilling Fluid on the Job to Cut Your Mud Costs and Boost Productivity When it comes to large-scale HDD projects that demand a high fluid volume, Vermeer has the drilling fluid reclaimer system to meet your project demands.

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Track Trenchers

Track Trenchers for Large Scale Pipeline and Civil Infrastructure Projects Australia’s pipeline networks are built on Vermeer Track Trencher technology. Whether you’re cutting through hard rock or installing a cross-country pipeline, Vermeer has a trenching solution to meet your needs....

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Vacuum Excavators

Vermeer Vacuum Excavators save contractors time, labour, material handling costs, and most of all, reduces surface disruption in areas with improved landscapes and reduces the risks of damaging utilities during the excavation process. Whether it’s potholing for a fibre installation...

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