Mini skid steers – now is the time to buy

Mini skid steers have become increasingly popular amongst arborists as a compact machine providing big benefits on the jobsite. If you’ve been wondering when and how to add one to your fleet, now is the time with Vermeer Australia’s complete range run out sale happening now through to 2 April 2024.

Adding a mini skid steer loader into your fleet can provide multiple benefits to your business. Mini skid steers are a compact piece of equipment, allowing arborists to gain access to spaces that were previously difficult to get to or completely inaccessible. They’re also extremely versatile and can be used for tasks such as heavy lifting, landscaping and planting trees, reducing the amount of manual labour for workers – thus improving safety.

A compact solution for urban areas

Access is often limited in urban and congested areas, making the use of large equipment difficult. Due to their small size, mini skid steers are easier and safer to manoeuvre around a typical residential yard.

Vermeer’s mini skid steers come in a range of widths from 35.5 to 42 inches (90.2 to 106.7cm), allowing them to travel through most gates and other narrow entryways. Larger machines cannot travel through such tight spaces and are otherwise limited to the front yard and street area.

One machine meets multiple needs

They’re an extremely versatile machine due to their universal mounting plate, enabling contractors to quickly and easily swap out attachments to complete different jobs. This helps to expand services and pick up additional revenue.

Vermeer’s mini skid steers are compatible with various attachments such as different buckets, spreader bars, augers, trenchers, cement mixers, grapples, irrigation plows, rippers, road brooms, swing hoes and grass slashers. All of which help to pick up more work and improve productivity and efficiency.

Safety first

Mini skid steers help create a safer work environment by reducing the potential for injuries from manual labour. Workers don’t have to drag and carry heavy logs and brush around the worksite or lift materials onto other equipment such as chippers. The machine does the heavy lifting, which means there is less strain on workers bodies. This reduces the chance of injuries occurring, with a corresponding reduction in sick leave. It also increases productivity and efficiency of workers as they can get more done, faster, and then concentrate on other aspects of the project.

Vermeer Australia’s end-of-year STOCKTAKE sale

Vermeer Australia are having a stocktake sale on their entire mini skid steer range, including the S450TX (24.8 hp), S925TX (25 hp), CTX50 (25 hp), CTX100 (40 hp) and CTX160 (40 hp), running through to 2 April 2024 across all dealerships.

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