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Reclaiming HDD project sustainability

HDD demand grows year on year, and with this growth comes increased calls for sustainable operations and an expectation for contractors to meet ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) goals. More than just machines to get the job done, contractors need to employ equipment that facilitates sustainable operations.

As well as benefiting the environment, prioritising sustainability in operations demonstrates a commitment to ESG that can give contractors the upper hand in the competitive HDD industry.

Additionally, contractors not reclaiming drilling fluids aren’t realising significant jobsite productivity and cost-saving advantages.

Water reclamation onsite

In HDD, bigger projects call for more water which, in turn, can result in increased costs in both time and money. The labour and time it takes to coordinate the delivery of water to a jobsite, and the costs of shipping the drill cuttings to disposal sites can have a serious impact on job delivery.

Investing in drilling fluid reclaimer systems alongside HDD equipment can not only help contractors demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, but also unlock cost and time savings, enabling faster and more efficient project delivery.

In addition to its extensive range of high-performance HDD equipment, Vermeer offers contractors the tools they need to reclaim fluids onsite, unlocking sustainability and ESG in project delivery.

Top of the range reclaimers

Vermeer’s reclaimers incorporate seamlessly into large diameter drilling operations, and the compact designs provide the ease of mobility and small footprint that many HDD jobs require.

Vermeer’s R600HC Reclaimer’s integrated mixing hopper allows for simultaneous mixing and recycling within a single system, eliminating the need for an additional onsite drilling fluid mixing system.

Inlet fluid is routed through mud boxes helping reduce premature wear to shaker decks/screens caused by larger material. Additionally, an enclosure offers critical components – including the generator set, fuel tank and electrical equipment – protection from the elements. The enclosure also features a service entry for accessibility and helps reduce noise.

Operators can select either a linear or orbital shaker motion to improve recycling performance, further enhancing equipment flexibility and adaptability.

Vermeer’s reclaimer range is designed to enhance job productivity and mitigate project delays, with the R600HC equipped with telescoping lights for around-the-clock operations.

Vermeer’s R600HC Reclaimer offers contractors convenient single-side access and serviceability, with all pumps and motors located on one side of the machine and the plumbing for the hopper above deck. The 360-degree working deck also provides multiple access points to the shaker deck which simplifies washing the screens and other daily activities.

Reclaiming fluid onsite with Vermeer’s reclaimer range mitigates the need to haul truckloads of water to a site, decreases time spent coordinating deliveries and disposal, and results in fewer trips to disposal sites.

Vermeer’s reclaimers are built tough and rugged and are backed by Vermeer Australia’s exceptional and knowledgeable customer support team. Working these reclaimers alongside the Vermeer HDD range means contractors have one resource for all their drilling project needs.


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