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Vermeer equipment keeps pipeline projects running

When it comes to installing pipelines, contractors that can deliver a complete project – from right-of-way clearing through to pipeline installation – in the most productive, cost-effective and sustainable way will have a higher chance of securing work.

The key to being able to do this is having an equipment partner like Vermeer that can supply a complete package, as well as provide all the expertise and support needed to keep projects running, no matter the location.

Clearing the way

Depending on the jobsite, land clearing and site preparation may need to occur – including the removal of bushes, stumps and trees. Mechanical clearing methods such as horizontal grinders have several advantages that improve efficiency and increase productivity. Vermeer’s range of horizontal grinders are available in multiple configurations, allowing contractors to choose the best size and machine capability to suit their individual needs. Vermeer has also designed its horizontal grinders with a variety of practical features to meet customers’ requirements, including a patented duplex drum design with reversible hammers and cutter blocks to simplify maintenance and increase wear life, and a closed chain to reduce the chance of material catching or dragging. Additionally, there are options for both remote-controlled track-driven grinders, as well as stationary models.

Cutting trenches

For open cut pipeline installations, track trenchers are a necessary addition to any fleet and are often a more efficient, cost-effective solution for trenching than traditional excavators.

Compared to excavators, track trenchers can handle different types of terrain and ground conditions – including rock or tightly cemented soils – to create a consistent and accurate depth trench with structurally sound walls. Like the grinders, Vermeer’s family of track trenchers also come in a range of sizes to suit varying customer requirements.

The track trenchers come with an elevated cab to provide virtually unrestricted view of the boom, trench and conveyor, and the boom length can be adjusted to match jobsite requirements. They also have a hydrostatic transmission for maximum power and high torque.

Taking it underground

When installing a pipeline through more congested urban areas or along routes that travel under rivers and infrastructure, open cut trenches are not feasible. Having a horizontal directional drill (HDD) and reclaimer in a company’s fleet will ensure pipelines can be installed quickly and efficiently, and drilling fluid is managed in a cost-effective manner.

Vermeer’s HDD line-up has continued to evolve over the past two decades to keep up with new and improved technologies. The extensive range offered by Vermeer has been designed for increased horsepower efficiency and maximises rotation, rod loading and tracking speeds of the drills to help crews get the job done faster.

An equipment partner you can trust

With more than 50 years of experience in the pipeline industry, Vermeer understands the stresses and risks inherent in pipeline installations and has designed an extensive range of equipment to meet the various needs of contractors.

As an equipment partner, Vermeer is committed to offering the solutions needed to keep businesses moving forward. Vermeer can supply equipment to help businesses build a fleet that meets their needs, as well as providing the necessary expertise and support throughout the life of the equipment to keep it running.

With an Australia-wide regional and local dealer support network, partners can rest assured that there will always be a Vermeer expert nearby to provide technical support before, during and after every project.