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Three essential Aborist tools for safety and comfort

Three essential tools to ensure you will be at the height of safety and comfort when working in trees.

When it comes to tree care, having the right equipment for the task is essential for the successful completion of the job as well as the safety of the arborist. Without the right tools and equipment, jobs can easily become costly by taking longer than expected, creating unsafe and stressful environments and damaging equipment when being used incorrectly or for the wrong purpose.

Edge™ Harness

Safety and comfort are a must when spending all day in the saddle. With this in mind, ergonomics guru and climbing instructor Ed Carpenter has designed the very latest masterpiece of fit, function and comfort. SherrillTree’s top rated Edge™ harness provides popular features such as front buckle closure for easier on/off wearing spikes; a comfortable, lightweight and very breathable waist belt; lightweight but full-sized alloy D-rings; six roomy accessory loops; contoured padding that smoothly follows the human form; and quick-adjust strapping that you don’t have to fight to make right! This super comfy saddle is designed to meet the needs of all arborists and is available with either leg straps or a bosun seat.

ZigZag Mechanical Prusik

If it’s precision and efficiency you are after, the 2014 edition ZigZag Mechanical Prusik by Petzl is going to be your new favourite tool. Designed specifically to act like a climbing hitch, this tool has been developed for the working arborist. It enables the user to shift about efficiently in a tree using classic Prusik pulley system technique and the linked rings provide precision and fluidity when moving around. The pulley is mounted on sealed ball bearings to allow the slack to be taken up easily while the steel construction offers great durability. This new Prusik has had many improvements since the previous release with redesigned attachment holes to help keep the carabiners loaded correctly on the major axis, an enlarged harness attachment hole to reduce the risk of poor carabiner positioning and a flexible elastomer ring that helps keep the carabiner in its optimal working position – just to name a few.

Lava® Line

And of course, you can’t climb a tree without a rope. We all love New England Rope’s classic range of Lava® Line (11.5 mm) and with the new FlexiFirm Core technology (trade name Tachyon), what’s not to love? This technology delivers climbers a unique, low-stretch, tough-skinned, double-braid that stays round and firm under load. Lava® boasts a huge range of features including a unique third “magmastrand” that provides spectacular support and density to both core and mantle, excellent traction to both split-tails and ascenders, resulting in flawless performance of doubled rope (traditional) and single rope climbing techniques as well as a smooth flow through a wide array of modern mechanical devices, thanks to its small size and sleek jacket. If you are in the market for these products or any other tree climbing gear, make sure you drop into your local Vermeer dealership – the exclusive Australian dealer for SherrillTree products. With a wide range of equipment and brands, their knowledgeable arbor gear specialists will be able to help you find exactly what you need to ensure you are Equipped to do More™.