The benefits of buying used equipment

There are a multitude of benefits related to buying used equipment. For many farming, construction, environmental and industrial businesses across the country, the opportunities associated with purchasing used equipment can outweigh those associated with buying brand new.

Why buy used?

Common advantages that come to mind are of course the ability to purchase equipment at a lower cost, having lower costs of ownership, enjoying lower insurance costs, and being able to get your equipment right when you need it, avoiding the wait-time that is often expected when buying new.

The type, age and technological advancements of the machine will also come into your decision. For example, if you can get away with using a machine that’s a few years older, and the work you’re doing doesn’t require the latest and greatest innovative features, a used machine may be best suited for you.

So you understand the general advantages to buying used, but what about those provided by your local dealer you may not be aware of?

Buying used through RDO Equipment / Vermeer Australia

A part of the service offering when buying from the RDO group is the opportunity to trade in used machines. This goes for all makes, models and sizes, allowing RDO the ability to provide customers with a much larger variety of options – as well as the ability to shop around and compare deals – when it comes to used equipment.

More advantages of buying used equipment through RDO include:

  • Limiting risk: all used machines undergo workshop inspections, as well as PPSR checks, prior to being sold in order to limit risk for the new owner,
  • Finance: in-house finance options for used equipment are available, and
  • Back-up support: the security of having access to RDO’s service, parts and support network across 29 branches, and the ability to deal with local team members on the ground.

Whether you’re looking for used agricultural, construction, landscaping, tree care, turf, utility, pipeline, forestry or mining equipment, let us help you make the search for used equipment easier.

View our range of used equipment here or contact Tom, our Used Equipment Coordinator, on for more information.