Reducing the job site squeeze

In utility installations, there is no one-size-fits-all job and as such there needs to be a variety of equipment available for contractors to utilise. Companies that offer a range of equipment that effectively service a variety of job sites can help boost a contractor’s abilities, accessibility and sustainability.

Utility installation projects often mean large, sprawling job sites, encompassing vast areas and requiring large-scale equipment, but there are instances when work will need to take place in tighter, more confined spaces.

Fitting the bulky equipment necessary for utility installations into such compact areas could require land clearing and additional works to remove obstructions. This unnecessary excavation and clearing can result in lengthy project delays and can also tarnish a job’s sustainability credentials.

Boosting sustainability credentials

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is increasingly becoming a key focus for contractors and there are a range of ways that workers can bring more sustainable practices to utility installation job sites.

Sustainable practices on utility installation jobs can take on a variety of forms including reusing and recycling materials onsite and minimising environmental disturbance. In restricted and compact job sites it can also mean employing smaller, compact equipment to help get the job done in favour of excavating to give site access to large equipment.

The restrictions that these compact sites impose on equipment can mean the difference between accepting a job or rejecting it. Understanding the varying job sites means offering a complete range of equipment, including machinery that can be used in compact, confined job sites.

Making the inaccessible accessible

Vermeer’s Pedestrian Trenchers are the perfect solution for small-diameter utility installation, particularly when job site access is restricted. The slender profiles of Vermeer’s Pedestrian Trencher units mean they can comfortably access tight spaces, including passing through standard backyard gates.

The strength of Vermeer Pedestrian Trenchers does not come at the expense of their smaller size, with the three units in the range offering high-torque digging and delivering optimal power to job sites.

Difficult terrain on job sites is no hurdle for Vermeer’s Pedestrian Trenchers, with high-mount track design offering excellent traction and minimising ground disturbance. Further underscoring the adaptability of the range, the machines give operators the option to use tracks or tyres – allowing workers to unlock maximum productivity and performance in spite of varying surface conditions.

The removal of the tail wheel on Pedestrian Trencher track units offers depth-control in uneven ground conditions and gives operators increased convenience to navigate through tight spaces. On top of this, the range’s outboard bearing support feature gives the head shaft additional protection when trenching in difficult conditions.

With Vermeer’s range of Pedestrian Trenchers, serviceability is not a problem; the engine cover design enables a quick service turnaround by offering virtually ‘no-tool’ access to all daily and weekly service points. The hydraulic hoses and hard-line design further contribute to convenient service and maintenance, meaning less equipment downtime and mitigating project delays.

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