Product recall – Vermeer wood chippers BC1000XL, BC1200XL and BC1500

At RDO Australia Group we take product safety and quality very seriously. We recently issued a recall on Vermeer wood chipper models BC1000XL, BC1200XL, and BC1500. We have learned that certain wheel studs provided by one of our suppliers have an incorrect lug nut (wheel nut) contact area, causing wheel nuts to loosen and/or possibly develop cracks.

There is a small chance that this could lead to wheel loss or a crash. We have already contacted all owners in our database, but we want to ensure we are able to reach every owner, including those who may have purchased one of these models via private sale. If you own one of these models and have not already heard from us, please get in touch with your nearest Vermeer dealership to have the issue rectified at no cost to you.

If you have any questions, please contact Joe Greenslade on (07) 3275 4888.

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