Low Speed Shredder

  • Gross horsepower: 456 hp (340 kW)
  • Infeed hopper capacity: 10.2 yd³ (7.8 m³)
  • Feed opening: 88 in x 145.75 in (225 cm x 370 cm)
  • Max high speed: 1.7 mph (2.7 km/hr)

Solving long-standing industry maintenance issues.

The single-shaft LS3600TX is the first low speed shredder from Vermeer, featuring exclusive innovations that efficiently process contaminated waste streams and help protect critical machine components. Unparalleled access to the rotor, comb and engine compartment addresses long-time industry maintenance issues.


Full rotor access

The hydraulically operated side door provides full exposure to the rotor, comb and belly conveyor to minimize maintenance time. The service area has been designed to allow you to perform maintenance without overhead obstructions.

Full-function remote

Adjust machine functions, capture machine data and diagnose equipment fault codes — all from the full-function remote. You can spend more time in the cab throughout the day, monitor machine health and make real-time adjustments remotely, allowing you to keep things running efficiently.

Double-ended comb teeth

The LS3600TX has individual bolt-in comb teeth that have two usable edges. This helps extend the life of your teeth and minimize wear costs.

Engine bay access

The LS3600TX gives you unparalleled access to the machine. The maintenance-friendly and highly accessible engine bay design includes large access doors, multiple ladder points and a large service platform to help with ease of maintenance and serviceability.

Mechanical driveline and protection

Equipped with a reversable mechanical transmission for an efficient power transfer that maximizes productivity. A torque limiter automatically disengages the drive when max torque is experienced — helping protect critical machine components.

Serviceable belly conveyor

The belly conveyor can be removed without detaching the discharge conveyor — allowing for minimally invasive service.