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Learn the tricks of the trade with the new Vermeer HDD Simulator

It’s not always easy to train new staff or upskill existing workers on Horizontal Directional Drills, when downtime is costly and job deadlines need to be met. To help, Vermeer Australia’s new NavigatorTM HDD Simulator 2.0 takes the headache out of HDD training.

Packed with features, the Horizontal Directional Drill Simulator will train on the basics of operating drill controls, using real world drilling simulation without the need to step foot on a real drill. Operators get instant feedback, alerting when drilling goes off target and guiding them back to safer alignment.

Operators who have run a Vermeer drill previously will feel at ease with the familiar setup, and new users will increase their confidence as they run the HDD Simulator. The simulator controls span across the Vermeer line-up of drills and help with a smooth transition to a real drill.


Simple set up

The HDD Simulator comes with simple software technology, chair and controls unit. Set up is easy and compatible with a number of display screen sizes, and compact and portable enough to be used in showrooms, offices or training facilities, meaning you can take your operator training to where you need it.

Operating the controls is simple, and there are multiple learning levels, offering hands-on and self-guided lessons that cover concepts such as pullback and carve steering, safety features, drilling fluids and soil types. The demonstrations cover the Vermeer HDD line-up from the D10x15 S3 through to the D220x300.


Operating modes

The Simulator also allows the operator to see beyond their normal view with the hood, engine and rod basket becoming semitransparent, increasing operator confidence early on. As they progress through the levels those features are removed.

There are also two operating modes: virtual reality or screen display that shows the highly detailed animations of the program providing an exceptional user experience.


Comprehensive feedback

The Vermeer NavigatorTM HDD Simulator 2.0. is a great way to learn about HDD controls or to practice and increase your directional drilling skills. The system provides users with a comprehensive report card, highlighting areas of excellence and where they need to improve so they are ready to operate a horizontal directional drill in the real world.


If you would like to know more about the Vermeer NavigatorTM HDD Simulator 2.0. or set up a test drive, contact your local Vermeer Australia branch on 1300 VERMEER or visit