Increasing productivity and efficiency of utility pipeline installations

While excavators have traditionally been used to create trenches for pipeline installations, they are not always the ideal choice as they can be cumbersome, inefficient and costly. Trenchers, such as the Vermeer T755, provide a cost-effective and productive alternative for excavating material for utility pipelines.

Vermeer General Manager of Sales Jeff Lawson says track trenchers are a great addition to a pipeline construction company’s fleet, offering increased efficiency to meet the strict deadlines that are often stipulated when undertaking pipeline installation projects.

“The pipeline installation market is competitive, so being able to go in and get the job done quickly, efficiently and at the lowest possible price not only increases the chances of winning jobs but also increases capacity to take on more jobs,” says Mr Lawson.

“Trenchers are particularly useful and more suited to cutting through rocky ground, creating a long, extended run of shallow to medium depth trench. Under conditions such as these, a single trencher like Vermeer’s T755 can complete the work of several excavators in a fraction of the time and more efficiently, saving on time and money.”

Improved efficiency

Mr Lawson says Vermeer’s T755 Track Trencher provides an ideal alternative solution to excavators for creating trenches to install utility pipelines including gas, water and sewerage pipelines.

“The trencher attachment has four boom depth options ranging from 5 to 10 inches (127 to 254 mm) and a cutting width range of 14–66 inches (356–914 mm). As the T755 creates suitable backfill next to the trench via the conveyor as it cuts the trench, the time and money needed to refill is greatly reduced.

“As the T755 also comes with the option to include an auto-tilt track feature, it is able to work on flat and sloped ground up to 10° while still producing a consistent vertical trench the entire length. This is because the oscillating track frame allows the track to follow the ground’s contour.”

Designed for productivity and safety

“The T755 Trencher comes with a rotary power trencher drive motor and splined headshaft for better production results. These produce low speed and high torque to ensure superior ground penetration and low chain wear,” says Mr Lawson.

“Performance is further enhanced with the inclusion of the SmartTEC electronic control system, which helps optimise productivity with real time machine control prompts. The software has monitor and record functions to encourage proactive machine maintenance and operator performance analysis.

“Productivity is enhanced with the split cab that elevates 3 inches (77 mm) for better visibility of the boom, trench and conveyor. The cab has a rollover protective module, features LEXAN glass, filtered and pressurised air, plus heating and air conditioning for operator comfort,” says Mr Lawson.

“It also comes with a wireless remote control which provides the operator with full operational functionality remotely to improve safety. This feature is perfect when working near a high wall or loading and unloading the trencher onto a trailer.”

A quick return on investment

“The T755 is well worth the investment for pipeline installation contractors looking to improve project efficiency,” says Mr Lawson.

“While it’s a big commitment to invest in a trencher, the benefits it can provide when installing utility pipelines often outweigh the use of excavators. Contractors will find that their return on investment will occur much faster than expected, often after completing one large project.”

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