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Equipment defending against project delays

Large grinding projects can carry an increased risk of metal entering the machinery hammermill, which can cause major issues for the equipment. Powerful machinery that offers protection against this kind of damage is the key to a successful project. Enter Vermeer’s Damage Defense™ system.

In large projects such as land clearing or mulch production, grinders are handling large materials like whole trees and large stumps, and metal contaminants can easily mix in with incoming materials. This can cause serious damage to machinery, which can be costly to repair and result in significant delays to the project.

Contractors seeking protection from such damage would benefit from partnering with a supplier that not only offers powerful equipment, but goes above and beyond in protecting machinery and ensuring success.

Powerful machinery handling tough material

With 950 hp and in a 41,730kg weight class, the HG6800TX Horizontal Grinder is Vermeer’s biggest, most powerful grinder. The engine is C-rated for increased engine life while providing the ability to power through materials with minimal operator interaction.

This kind of powerful machinery necessary for larger projects also rises to the challenge of an increased risk of metal entering the hammermill.

Equipment protection systems – such as Vermeer’s Damage Defense™ system – reduces the likelihood of metal being ground, offering contractors added security and safety.

Mitigating major machine damage

The Damage Defense™ system is a Vermeer-exclusive product and an optional add-on, offering additional protection for grinders by using exclusive technology to sense metal vibration in the infeed and the mill – reducing the likelihood of damage caused by metal contaminants.

Fully compatible with the HG6800TX, the Damage Defense™ system is perfect for any Vermeer tub or horizontal grinder operation that may encounter metal contaminants mixed in with its incoming materials.

If metal makes it into the mill whilst the machine is grinding, the grinder control will be alerted and the Damage Defense™ system will automatically initiate the shutdown process, slashing reaction time and boosting onsite responsiveness.

If a contaminant is detected, the system automatically reverses the infeed system and immediately disengages the clutch to protect the machine, reducing the likelihood of metal being pulled into the mill and preventing significant damage to the grinder.

The Damage Defense™ system can be integrated into a grinder’s control system for maximised effectiveness – mitigating the need for tools or a manual reset. Further enhancing its flexibility and efficiency, the system’s sensitivity settings can be easily adjusted, enabling contractors to quickly adapt to specific jobsite conditions and helping reduce nuisance shutdowns.

Built and supported by Vermeer, the Damage Defense™ system comes with robust components and is protected by a weather resistant box.

Backed by local support

When using Vermeer’s HG6800TX coupled with the Damage Defense™ system, contractors can have the confidence to tackle bigger projects without worrying about contaminants causing project delays or costly equipment damage. The system gives contractors peace of mind and is backed by Vermeer Australia’s experienced and knowledgeable environmental equipment specialists.

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