Enhancing safety and compliance with proper equipment

In any construction project, having the right equipment is not just a convenience or a preference; it is a necessity. Construction projects are fraught with risks and uncertainties, ranging from worker safety concerns to environmental impacts and legal requirements. Investing in trusted, industry-leading machinery can ensure compliance and maintain safety onsite.

Safety and compliance considerations in construction are multifaceted and are dependent on the project’s size and scope. Whether it’s a small-scale residential utility installation or a large-scale gas pipeline project, contractors must navigate a complex landscape of regulations, safety measures and environmental protections to ensure the successful and responsible execution of construction projects. Beyond legal ramifications, failure to achieve compliance can be detrimental to a business’s reputation.

Partner in safety

In the realm of pipeline installation, a single oversight or deviation from safety and compliance standards can have far-reaching consequences. Therefore, investing in advanced and dependable machinery is essential to ensuring success.

With over 30 years of experience operating in Australia, Vermeer Australia has partnered with some of the country’s largest contractors to safely deliver significant infrastructure projects, as well as supporting contractors, municipalities and utilities in the installation, maintenance and renewal of their assets. Vermeer’s range of equipment is underpinned by a commitment to safety and the latest industry standards, ensuring businesses remain compliant.

Trouble-free operation

From horizontal directional drills (HDD) to track trenchers, Vermeer’s machinery cabs put worker comfort and safety at the forefront of design. Features such as self-contained heating and air conditioning with sound attenuating foam prioritise the well-being of operators and help them stay alert, reducing the risk of accidents caused by fatigue or distraction.

The HDD remote lockout mechanism bolsters safety by enabling equipment to be quickly shut down in unsafe conditions or emergencies. A rollover protective module (ROPM) and falling object protection (FOPS) offers enhanced protection. User-friendly display screens make it easy to visualise and troubleshoot problems onsite.

Where appropriate, wireless remote control capabilities offer full operator function remotely, reducing exposure to hazardous materials, unstable terrain and confined spaces while still maintaining control of equipment.

Reducing environmental footprint

In today’s construction landscape, local laws and regulations around environmental impact are constantly evolving due to growing awareness of conservation and sustainability.

Traditional excavation methods not only involve more heavy labour and safety risks, they are also more disruptive to the environment and communities. One critical factor in complying with environmental regulations is reducing the risk of soil or water contamination by preventing overfilling and spillage.

Vermeer’s vacuum excavators feature a telescoping boom with a remote-controlled hydraulic valve for vacuum shut-off, which allows operators to maintain more control over the excavation process, preventing overfilling, spillage or leakage of collected material.

Additionally, the Cam-Over auto-locking design ensures equipment stays closed, preventing leaks and spills during the excavation process.

Minimising noise

Adhering to noise regulations is paramount during construction projects, especially in urban areas or near sensitive ecosystems. High noise levels can be disruptive and potentially harmful to both the environment and surrounding community.

Vermeer’s vacuum excavators are equipped with integrated silencing systems that mitigate noise levels. These advanced systems make these machines suitable for noise-sensitive job sites, helping contractors meet noise-related compliance requirements.

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