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Be ready this storm season with Vermeer Australia

Summer months are notorious for storm activity, which means we can expect an increase in storm damage clean up from fallen trees and debris. So, it makes sense to have your chippers ready for the increased workload so they can handle the tough jobs in the months ahead.

According to NRMA Insurance, with Australia currently experiencing a La Niña weather system, we could see even more severe storms and intense rain over storm season this year.

Vermeer Australia recommends five simple checks to be prepared for the upcoming storm season.

  1. Chipper knife maintenance

We recommend checking your chipper knives around every 10 service hours. Be on the lookout for any cracks or distortion of the knives, the condition of the bolts and the knife sharpness. 

  1. Replace your hydraulic filters

The number one cause of damage to hydraulic equipment is poor filtration. Failure to remove contaminants from hydraulic fluid results in fluid pressure blockage that can cause damage to pumps inside your chippers, as well as excess contaminants damaging seals. Your work environment plays a big part in contaminating your hydraulic filters, with dirt, sawdust and water breaking down seals and allowing even more contaminants to enter.

  1. Clean your air filters

An engine with a dirty air filter will produce less power and use more fuel. Don’t just knock the dirt, dust, sand or sawdust out of the air filter and put it back in, give it a good clean out to make sure the filter does the job properly.

  1. Check engine oil filters

Most of our machines use full-flow oil filters, so there is no way oil can get to the engine without first passing through the filter, ensuring a supply of clean, lubricating oil. However, if the filter becomes blocked by dirt or impurities that prevent the oil from passing through, a bypass valve in the filter may allow unfiltered oil into the engine, which could be filled with damaging particles.

  1. Daily maintenance

Don’t forget the essential daily maintenance checks once storm season is underway. Your chipper’s manual will provide exact information on what to check and where to lubricate. The list will typically include a check of:

  • Oils
  • Fuel
  • Tyre pressure
  • Safety device / interlock operation
  • Greasing / lubrication schedule.


View a printable PDF version here.


If you need help with getting your chipper read for the busy storm season ahead, contact your local Vermeer Australia service technician or branch here, or call 1300 VERMEER.