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Aerial Rescue

Vermeer’s annual Arborist Seminar Series concluded in Adelaide 22nd August, after a successful series of events in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. This year’s series topic was Aerial Rescue – providing assistance to a stuck or injured climber who is not able to get themselves down. More than just an important topic for any tree crew to be proficient in, provision for aerial rescue has been a legislated requirement on Australian tree work sites since 2016.

The 2018 seminar curriculum was based on the techniques and information found in the new Aerial Rescue Minimum Industry Standards, recently published by Arboriculture Australia Ltd.

During the seminars on day one the presenters explored topics like prevention and planning, accident warning signs, responding to an aerial emergency, types of rescues and rescue techniques.

Building upon this knowledge, Joe and co-presenters Henk Morgans, William Mittins, Sam Hardingham and Barton Allan-Hall facilitated and supervised the completion of a simulated aerial rescue with attendees during the hands-on day two workshops. Basic and complex rescue techniques were practiced, from scenarios where the wounded climber is responding and requires aerial assistance, through to situations with non-responsive casualties in the most challenging of aerial scenarios. Each simulated rescue utilised the group’s collective knowledge, with both the ground grew and climbing rescuer engaged to ensure a successful rescue.

Excerpts of the Aerial Rescue Minimum Industry Standard were provided to participants as part of the seminar course materials, providing a reference for ongoing practice of the techniques learnt during the seminars.

Meet the 2018 series presenters

Joe Harris: Once again participants were fortunate to have internationally recognised trainer, tree climbing champion and all-round nice guy Joe Harris on board as lead instructor to share his extensive commercial and competitive climbing experience.

Henk Morgans: Henk, a multiple-time competition winner who has represented Australia at international tree climbing events, co-presented with Joe at the Brisbane seminars.

Sam Hardingham and William Mittins: Sam and Will educated and entertained participants at the Sydney seminars. Sam has won both previous Red Bull Branched Out tree climbing competitions, while William has over 20 years commercial climbing experience and is a contributor to the NSW Arboriculture Association and the National Practicing Arborist Committee.

Barton Allan-Hall: Barton is a four-time Australian tree climbing champion and previous world silver medalist. He is the current Australian tree climbing champion. Barton co-presented with Joe at both the Melbourne and Adelaide seminars.

About the Minimum Industry Standards series books

The Minimum Industry Standards series, a first for the Australian Arboriculture industry, are industry validated and peer-reviewed documents which describe safe and current methods of conducting work on Australian tree sites. These books have been developed by Joe Harris and Arboriculture Australia, and represent a significant step forward for the industry.

So far, four variations of these Minimum Industry Standards books are available to purchase at Vermeer’s dealerships in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

The list of books, which will be expanded upon, currently includes:

• Aerial Rescue;
• Tree Dismantling;
• Arborist Ropes; and
• Arborist Knots

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