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2020 Vermeer Arborist Seminar Series – did you make it?

This year Vermeer Australia did things a little differently for the Vermeer Arborist Seminar Series. Instead of in-person seminars, it was moved online, just as most of the world has due to coronavirus. This didn’t stop some really great speakers sharing actionable insights with attendees. From experienced arborists to novice climbers, there was something for everyone across the four sessions, which covered retaining trees and the dilemma this sometimes presents arborists, also some tips and tricks on everyday jobs, and how to avoid accidents on the worksite.

First up was Pat Kenyon from TreeTactics, a third-generation arborist with plenty of knowledge to share from his 20 years in the field. Pat talked about habitat creation – where it’s suitable, where it’s not suitable and how to use a chainsaw to carve out habitat hollows. With bushfires damaging so many trees last summer, habitat retention and creation is as important as ever, and Pat noted that when hollows can’t be created, nest boxes are the next best option to help our native animals continue to live in their natural habitat.

The second session featured Sam Hardingham from Everdayarbor, who shared some tools and tips to use when dealing with a customer who has a job that you think will be detrimental to the tree. Sam said that many don’t understand it’s a balanced risk when deciding to keep or remove a tree, and it can be tricky to manage customer expectations when the best way forward is actually keeping the tree.

The third session in the series had Joe Harris (a seminar presenter veteran) from Into Trees speak about the factors that may cause accidents in arboriculture, such as stress, fatigue, social pressure and even diet, and how we can get better at recognising when these may be having an impact on our jobs. You may not know this, but the three parts of our brain that process decisions – rational, emotional and survival, play a big part when cutting down trees, and Joe breaks down how we use these parts in everyday arborist activities.

The final session of the week had renowned arborist and tree carer Henk Morgans from Evergreen Tree Care share his 10 different tips and tricks for working climbers, from installing throw lines, to the best way to use a throw bag and the importance of climbing a tree “low and slow” rather than working your way up high straight away.

The four speakers this year had a lot of knowledge to share with attendees, that they hopefully will take away and apply to their everyday arborist jobs. Thank you to Pat, Sam, Joe and Henk for their information and insights, and for all those that attended.

Want a copy of the 2020 Vermeer Arborist Seminar Series videos and recorded Q&A sessions? You can purchase a copy for $29.95 if you call 1300 VERMEER and speak to your local parts team.

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