Vermeer introduces the first ride-on stump grinder

The SC40TX is the first stump cutter on the market with a stand-on platform to drive the machine. Compared with traditional self-propelled stump cutters, operators will be able to maneuver the machine from stump to stump faster.

A counter-rotating track undercarriage also enhances maneuverability by making it easier to reposition when cutting a stump which greatly benefits straight-line cutting dimensions. The tracks also offer good floatation and the ability to operate in less-than-ideal ground conditions.

“The SC40TX was developed to bring innovation to the 40-to-50-horsepower (29.8 to 37.3 kW) stump cutter class,” said Mike Rector, tree care/rental and landscape solutions specialist for Vermeer. “The machine has applications in many markets including Australia’s tree care contractors, arborists, landscape, municipality, golf courses and ground maintenance.”

The SC40TX has a hydraulic ground drive and cutter wheel, meaning there are no belts or chains to service.

While other stump cutters may give operators the choice of standing at a swing-out control station on the side of the machine or using a remote control, the SC40TXfeatures two dedicated positions from which to operate the machine.  There is the traditional location on the side of the machine, while operators also can choose to stand on the platform on the back of the machine, which is ideal when space is tight and allows for easier repositioning of the machine as needed.

At 91 cm wide, the SC40TX works well in small areas and fits through standard gates. The SC40TX has a 40-horsepower (29.8 kW) Kohler diesel engine.

Visit a local dealership or contact Vermeer Australia to book a demonstration at your job site.