Utility Locator

Vermeer Verifier™ G3+ utility locator combines trusted precision with a user-friendly interface.


Contractors face congested underground conditions, unmarked utilities and increasingly strict regulations, making accurate and timely locating more important than ever. The Verifier G3+ has a durable design with antennas mounted in rubber isolators to stand up to the toughest jobsite conditions.

Verifier G3+ map mobile app

Pair your smartphone with the locator to plot location information such as depth, current index, GPS data, operator name, device name and utility type.

Coil clamp

Exclusive one-size-fi ts-all coil clamp does not need to encircle utility to induce signal. Clamp is 100% waterproof.


3-year service coverage including water damage.

Ambient noise detection (A.N.D.)

Helps improve accuracy of locates by determining the frequency with the least amount of interference on your jobsite.

Remote control via wireless transmitter

Adjust the frequency and power output on your transmitter from up to 500-ft (200-m) away.

Current direction

Identify target line in congested areas by determining the direction of current fl ow against “adjacent signals” caused by returning current.