The equipment making vegetation management sustainable

Asset management is a key responsibility of utilities across Australia, and arguably the most important and critical of these is vegetation and tree clearing around powerlines. Vermeer’s range of equipment offers sustainable vegetation management choices for utilities, and recycling options for project byproducts.

These days, individuals and organisations are being urged to consider their choices and make decisions with sustainability in mind. As such, utilities are seeking products and equipment providers that demonstrate a clear understanding of the long-term impacts of their offerings.

Acknowledging this, Vermeer has put a great deal of effort, research and development into making sure its range of equipment is sustainable and contributing to a circular economy.

Tree and vegetation management around powerlines is an essential and potentially life-saving task completed by organisations and utilities throughout Australia. Not only does this reduce the risk of bushfire, but contact between trees and powerlines can also result in electric shock and power outages, which can lead to property damage and even injury and death.

Powerline clearing is a crucial, never ending, sometimes backbreaking job that requires hours of manual labour. Additionally, this work results in a great deal of remaining branches and tree cut offs which are usually disposed of and often go to waste.

Vermeer’s range of wood chippers and stump grinders have been proven to be faster and more effective at getting the job done, with the team priding the equipment on its sustainability features.

By using Vermeer equipment, utilities can recycle the resulting wood chips and mulch for an abundance of reuse applications, including being used in compost, creating footpaths, kindling for lighting fires, and providing a shock-absorbing, biodegradable surface for children to play on at playgrounds.

Chipping away at wood waste

Vermeer’s range of wood chippers – from the seven inch disk through to the 18 inch drum chipper – offer the perfect equipment for any vegetation management job.

Boasting a range of specifically-engineered, exclusive features, Vermeer’s wood chippers prioritise efficiency, operator safety and ease of operation.

The patented feed sensing system of Vermeer’s wood chippers allow for increased operator productivity while reducing the strain on vital engine parts. It can also monitor engine rpm and automatically stops and reverses the roller when feeding larger, hardwood material.

Taking the backache out of stump removal

With Vermeer’s stump grinder range, stump removal is no longer the time-consuming chore it once was. The equipment offers a time-saving, convenient and reliable option for utilities working on vegetation clearing and management around powerlines.

The equipment is tough and easy to use, with a Vermeer-exclusive system that sweeps away tree stumps, one pass after another.

While ease of use, reliability and convenience are all important characteristics to look for when selecting equipment for a project, sustainability is becoming an increasingly sought-after quality by operators around the country, especially in the utility industry.

Offering usability, convenience and reliability plus sustainability ensures that Vermeer keeps ahead of the competition and provides equipment options that don’t cost the environment.