Tech that matters in Vermeer wood chippers

Picture by Accomplice Media – Tree and Stump Eaters

There can be a love-hate relationship with technology. On one hand, technology improvements can make our lives better, but on the other hand, they can be difficult to adjust to. When it comes to tree care technology in Vermeer wood chippers, the goal is for each piece of technology to be intuitive, convenient and efficient. Technology should work with you, not against you!

Here are a few technology features across the entire line-up of Vermeer wood chippers that can work with you to help maximise productivity on the jobsite. These technology innovations were created through Vermeer’s constant pursuit to find a better way.

SmartFeed system

SmartFeed is a patented feed-sensing control system that monitors engine rpm and automatically stops or reverses feed rollers when necessary. SmartFeed also senses feed roller jams and responds by automatically shifting material back and forth, reducing the need for manual control bar manipulation.

This exclusive system from Vermeer maximises operator productivity and helps minimise strain on vital engine parts, as rpm settings are adjustable and automatically monitored. With a switch, operators can choose between three rpm droop settings to fit the job’s specific application: high-speed droop, medium-speed droop and low-speed droop. These three rpm settings offer versatility for varying applications.

  • High-speed droop is recommended to use when you’re feeding large limbs and trunks through the machine.
  • Medium-speed droop should be used when feeding small limbs or branches into the wood chipper.
  • Low-speed droop is recommended when loading mostly brush into the chipper.

SmartCrush control system

On Vermeer wood chippers with horizontal feed rollers, there is a feature called SmartCrush. Here’s how it works:

  1. Down pressure is minimised until the feed roller has climbed up and onto the material.
  2. Then down pressure increases to push the material to the cutter drum.
  3. With the material securely gripped by the infeed system, the operator can concentrate on the next load of material.

The wood chipper monitors position and down pressure of the infeed roller. This entire process enables the feed roller to start the feeding process.

EcoIdle™ engine control system

The EcoIdle engine control system automatically lowers engine speed to a preset lower rpm if no material has been chipped for one to five minutes. The time frame is adjustable, depending on your preference, and can help consume less fuel if the feeding process has frequent interruptions, and also aid in jobsite noise reduction.

All of these technology features are designed to help you while operating Vermeer equipment. Wood chippers can be complicated machines, but these innovations help operating them feel smooth and intuitive. Reach out to your local Vermeer Australia team today to find out more on 1300 VERMEER or at