Stump Cutter

  • Width: 88.9 cm (minimum transport)
  • Weight: 2023 kg
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Power: 74 hp (55.2 kW)
  • Capacity: 23″ cutter wheel


With an ideal balance of power and agility, the SC852 stump cutter fits through a standard 36” gate and still deliver 85 hp (63 kW) of stump-grinding power.

Key Features

  • A 86.4 cm wide chip blade is a standard feature with the SC852. The chip blade can easily move chips around the jobsite, reducing the need to manually relocate the chips. The blade dimensions and ground clearance are also designed for easy access through narrow gates and to travel on uneven terrain. The rounded lower edge of the blade is designed to help reduce turf damage.
  • As the boom drops from the fully raised position, the cutter wheel moves away from the machine, increasing the maximum cutting width. This increased cutting width and 4 bar linkage helps boost productivity by reducing the need to reposition the entire unit.
  • With power and torque transferred to each of the four wheels, the SC852 is able to traverse difficult and uneven ground conditions. With the differential locks disengaged, maneuverability is enhanced. In difficult ground conditions, the operator can engage the differential locks to maintain pulling power during uneven wheel traction conditions.
  • The Three Position Swingout Control Station means that in narrow jobsite conditions which restrict full extension of the control station, the unit can be operated with the control station in the intermediate position.
  • Variable Speed Control gives the operator greater control during operation, transport, and loading/unloading. High range speed at the swingout control station is 45.7 m/min for quick maneuverability around the jobsite. Low range is 30.5 m/min at the swingout controls and via the creep switch providing slower speeds for better control in confined areas.
  • In narrow jobsite conditions that restrict use of the main control station, the operator can control ground drive and steering functions from an auxiliary control station. This feature allows the operator to follow or lead the unit, through narrow and confined areas.
  • The Vermeer-exclusive Yellow Jacket Cutter System is designed to provide faster, easier serviceability, as well as extended pocket and tooth life.

General Dimensions and Weights

  • Length: 147 inches / 373.4 cm
  • Width Range: 35 in without duals, 56 in with duals / 88.9 cm without duals, 142.2 cm with duals
  • Height: 80 inches / 203.2 cm
  • Weight (Diesel Engine): 4460 lbs / 2023 kg


  • Horsepower: 74 hp / 55 kw
  • Drive Type: Hydrostatic, Full time 4WD w/ 4 independent motors / Variable speed control
  • High Speed Travel: 100 ft/min / 39.6 m/min
  • Low Speed Travel: 60 ft/min / 18.3 m/min
  • Brakes: Spring applied, hydraulically released / Located on dual wheel planetaries

Main Frame

  • Tires: Front Steer Tires-20 x 8.00-10 / Rear Dual Tires-23 x 8.5-14
  • Chip Contanment: 28.2 cu ft / 0.8 cu m
  • Steering Axle Type: Oscillating two wheel steering / 15 degrees of oscillation

Cutter Wheel Drive

  • Wheel Diameter (Without Teeth): 23 inches / 58.4 cm
  • Wheel Thickness: 1.1 inches / 2.9 cm
  • Wheel Cut Above Ground: 31 inches / 78.7 cm
  • Wheel Cut Below Ground: 25 inches / 63.5 cm
  • Cutter wheel drivetrain: First Stage-Hydrostatic Pump and Motor / Second Stage-Driveshaft and Gearbox


  • Fuel Tank: 13.5 gal / 51.1 L