Stump Cutter

  • Width: 88.9 cm (minimum transport)
  • Weight: 2023 kg
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Power: 115 hp (85.8 kw)
  • Capacity: 26″ cutter wheel

Class-leading cutting dimensions and power for productivity

If you’re looking for a stump cutter that can maximize your crew’s time on the jobsite and maximize efficiency, the Vermeer SC1052 stump cutter is your machine. Designed with the Vermeer cutting system (VCS), a 115-hp (85.8-kW) Origin gas engine for productive grinding and class-leading cutting dimensions, you can get the job done fast backed by the dealer support you’ve come to expect from Vermeer.


More power

The 115-hp (86-kW) gas engine provides high productivity and speed, resulting in maximum cutting power and minimal maintenance needs, to help you complete more jobs in a day.

4-bar linkage

Maximize cutting width through a unique 4-bar linkage that moves the cutter wheel away from the machine as the boom drops. This helps the cutter wheel grind the stump at all maximum dimensions.

Vermeer cutting system

The Vermeer cutting system features a patented design that solves several challenges associated with traditional cutting systems, including double-sided teeth with no pockets that need replaced, a V-profile, center core protection, minimized recirculation and ease of maintenance.

Smart technology

Experience exclusive stump-cutting technology that maximizes your machine at the stump, such as SmartSweep™ control system, and the operator presence system.


With power and torque transferred to each of the four wheels, the SC1052 is able to traverse difficult and uneven ground conditions, with minimal ground disturbance. With the differential locks disengaged, maneuverability is enhanced. In difficult ground conditions, the operator can engage the differential locks to maintain pulling power during uneven wheel traction conditions.

Maximum cutting, maximum containment

Class-leading cutting dimensions enable you to cut up to a 6-ft (2-m) stump without repositioning the machine. Plus, an intelligent chip flow design allows you to focus on the cutting, not the cleaning.