SAFETY RECALL: CMI Micro Arborist Block & Small Impact Block

CMI has advised of a safety recall for the 40922 Micro Arborist Block and 40408 CMI Small Impact Block. Read the official recall notice from CMI here.


40922 Micro Arborist Block40408 CMI Small Impact Block

40922 Micro Arborist Block                40408 CMI Small Impact Block


This notice affects VSG Item number 40408 (CMI SKU#RP160) blocks purchased during 2023 and any VSG item number 40922 (CMI RP162) mini blocks purchased after 10/1/22.

All orders internally have been cancelled and/or switched over to the NEW blocks when they arrive.

All on-hand product in VSG warehouses has been quarantined.

Below is what you can do according to CMI:

  1. Stop use of this product immediately.
  2. The first step would be a visual inspection by the end user.
    (a) It will be quite evident if the main axle bolt is coming loose as the block will have very loose side plates and may not close properly.
    (b) If desired, the customer can “put a wrench on both sides & tighten. (This requires a spanner wrench and an allen key)
  3. Send the blocks directly back to CMI – Please contact CMI directly at 304-358-7041 or email at
    (a) Again, according to CMI, the preferred method for this notice would be to have the block(s) sent back to CMI for inspection.
    (b) Once inspection is complete that block may either be repaired or replaced.
    (c) Any blocks returned to the customers will be identified with a numeric character that will be stamped inside one of the side plates.
    (d) That Alpha character will be the letter (A).

Please contact your local Vermeer Australia team if you have any questions.