• Weight: 7057.9 kg
  • Fuel type: Diesel
  • Power: 49 hp (36.5 kW)
  • Operated by a full-function wireless remote

With the continuous growth of the solar market and need for renewable energy sources, the PD10R is equipped with a variety of options to suit a range of jobsite applications.

The PD10R has been specifically designed to be operated by a full-function wireless remote, allowing an operator to handle machine functions — including engagement of the hammer, pile accuracy with the auto plumb feature, and ground drive — while remaining off the machine. An optional automation feature on the PD10R can also help improve jobsite efficiency and reduce the number of steps needed from the operator to complete the install.


Remote control

Control machine functions, including hammer engagement, pile accuracy using the auto plumb feature and ground drive via wireless remote control.

Improve your accuracy

An optional laser receiver integrated into the control system and a GPS-compatible design (capable of accepting compatible third-party systems) can help improve productivity.

Reduce your cycle time

Using the auto plumb feature, the PD10R can set the mast to be vertical without any manual adjustment by the operator. Featuring a hammer which has high impact energy, cycle times have been reduced.

Efficient ground drive

Move from pile to pile quickly and accurately with an effi cient ground drive, reducing cycle time.

Stay on point

An optional automation feature leads the way — with minimal operator input, a point-to-point system will allow the pile driver to automatically move from one pile and row to the next, keeping the installation precise and aligned.

At your fingertips

An industry-unique on-machine control system offers the operator a variety of machine information, including pile angle and height. Display also shows machine maintenance reminders to help maintain service schedules.