Vermeer Yellow Jacket™ – The Original is always the best!

Vermeer knows stump cutters — Gary Vermeer invented the first modern stump cutter in 1956. In the years since the Yellow Jacket pocket and tooth system has been developed to make maintenance more convenient without compromising performance.

Yellow Jacket™ cutter system

The Yellow Jacket cutter system is designed to make maintenance more convenient and help extend the life of wear parts, like pockets and teeth. Plus, with only one tooth and three pocket styles within the system, you can help keep your wear part inventory low and your productivity high. This Vermeer-exclusive system comes standard on stump cutters below 50hp .

Key features:

  • Convenient maintenance – Loosen or remove just one nut to service the tooth — removal of the pocket is not required. This setup helps to significantly reduce maintenance time.
  • Indexable, universal teeth – Two cutting edges on one tooth equals almost twice the part use. The second edge is protected and clear of the primary wear area while cutting with the first edge. When the tooth is indexed to the second position, the opposite edge provides another cutting surface for extended tooth life.
  • Pocket protection and reversibility – The reversible and bi-directional pocket design may be used on either side of the cutter wheel for a second tooth mounting surface. The indexable tooth helps protect the top and front of pockets from wear potentially extending the pocket life.

Order your Yellow Jacket™ stump cutters and parts, your way

Whatever you need, Vermeer Australia can source it for you. You can order your Vermeer Yellow Jacket™ stump cutters and parts at any Vermeer branch in person, by phone, request a quote online, or order parts directly via RDO Equipment’s MyDealer customer portal (available to Vermeer account customers).