Vermeer QuickLock – Lock it over lunch.

The Vermeer QuickLock two-part epoxy thread-locking compound stabilises threaded connections between the drive chuck and sub saver of a horizontal directional drill (HDD). It cures in as little as one hour, instead of the industry-standard 24-hour period, enabling HDD crews to get back to drilling after swapping out the sub saver.

Vermeer QuickLock epoxy comes in a 65.2g double-section plastic ‘Ready-Pak’ that keeps the resin and catalyst separate. It can be mixed within the pack before applying to the threaded joint. It is zinc-free and has a shelf life of up to six years.

The extended shelf life and quick cure time make it simple for crews to maintain the sub saver and maximize the life of their drill rod threads. It’s an economical and durable option for threaded tooling connections that require a strong permanent bond.

  • Convenient packaging for ease of application
  • Resists water, solvents and acids
  • Can adhere to any clean surface
  • Quicker cure time
  • Made without zinc
  • Features up to a six-year shelf life
  • Effective in temperatures of up to 400°F (204°C)

Order your QuickLock epoxy and parts, your way

Whatever you need, Vermeer Australia can source it for you. You can order your Vermeer QuickLock epoxy and parts at any Vermeer branch in person, by phone, request a quote online, or order parts directly via RDO Equipment’s MyDealer customer portal (available to Vermeer account customers).