Brush chipper knives

Vermeer offers high quality knives for your brush chipper. Our brush chipper knives are manufactured using high-grade steel and a dual-tempered heat-treatment process. This technique makes the steel hard enough to hold an edge and strong enough to withstand tough jobsite material. Each knife is hardened and machined to our specifications for extended wear life.

Bolt holes

The most challenging process in creating a chipper knife is the bolt holes. Chipper knives need to be hard and strong at the knife edge, but the bolt holes have to have their own strength and hardness. Too hard and the bolt holes can start to crack and splinter under load. This process is difficult and time consuming to do. Vermeer don’t just settle for easy. Vermeer have strived to create the best knife to achieve optimum productivity whilst protecting your investment. This unique dual process makes Vermeer Genuine Knives something we’re proud to put our name on.

When to change your knives

  • Chip Size – A sign to look for with dull knives is the chip size. If your chip size is consistent in the main part of the log, that means your knives are sharp.
  • Stringy Material & Plugging – if your brush chipper is producing stringier material, or it’s an inconsistent size or your machine is getting plugged, it can mean your knives are too dull.
  • Chips and dents – Check your knives daily. If you see chips or dents in the cutting edge its time to change them. Running knives with chips or dents puts the machine at risk and increases running costs.
  • Operators Manual – Always refer to the operator’s manual when changing knives.

Make your knives last as long as possible.

  • Debris – Keep a close eye on what is being fed into the chipper. Sand, metal and other debris will dull knives quickly.
  • Change out dull knives early – If you have dull knives, don’t let them run longer. If you continue to use them, you may risk chipping, denting or breaking those knives, because you’ve weakened that sharp edge. Also, if you let your dull knives go longer, you risk not being able to sharpen them.
  • Always check and adjust – Check your knives daily and recheck bolt torque. Loose bolts could cause major failures. Check the anvil regularly and bolt tension. Every time you change the knives always make sure the anvil has been adjusted to the correct clearance and tensioned correctly.
  • Always change a full set – to maintain drum balance makes sure to change the knives as full set. Knife bolts have a useable life. New bolts must be used after being torqued twice.

Order your brush chipper knives and parts, your way

Whatever you need, Vermeer Australia can source it for you. You can order your Vermeer brush chipper knives and parts at any Vermeer branch in person, by phone, request a quote online, or order parts directly via RDO Equipment’s MyDealer customer portal (available to Vermeer account customers).