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SherrillTree and Notch Equipment – a brand by arborists, for arborists – have released new products for tree care professionals, while Clogger continues to expand its range of chainsaw protection trousers. Here, we discuss a few of these great new products, all available to try and purchase at your local Vermeer Australia parts counter.

Notch BIG SHOT Trigger

This attachment for the Notch BIG SHOT is designed to help improve launch accuracy and to reduce user arm fatigue for more consistent line setting. The BIG SHOT Trigger fits all 1.25-inch round utility grade fiberglass poles with its quick mid pole attachment, allowing for custom pole mounting locations to suit any sized user. A quick release closure and rubber lining make it easy to secure it at any point on the pole, and the integrated safety latch prevents accidental launches.

Notch Pro 250 Rope Bag

These great value rope bags are flying off the shelves! This addition to Notch’s bag line-up is a basic rope bag built with the same attention to detail as the larger Pro bags. It features 600 denier fabric and has reinforced seams which provide excellent durability to ensure the bag stands up when you need it to. The Notch Pro 250 Bag is approximately 40cm high, 30cm wide, has a capacity of 28 litres, and only weighs 960 grams.

Clogger® ZERO arborist chainsaw protection trousers

These new, lightweight, premium arborist chainsaw trousers are cool, light and durable. The total garment weight is less than one kilogram, however this does not detract from the safety of this garment. Clogger has sourced light, strong, stretchable and highly abrasion resistant fabrics that weigh less.

Whilst still fully certified, the Clogger ZERO arborist chainsaw protection trousers provide frontal protection only where it is mostly needed. The abrasion resistant fabric has been incorporated from the knee down, increasing the durability in these high wear areas. The larger and bigger cooling vents allows body heat to escape faster, keeping you fresher – which is especially good in hot Australian climates.

The entire range of Clogger and SherillTree arborist products, as well as a wide range of other brands like Silky Saws, Petzl, Kask and Buckingham are available to purchase at all Vermeer parts counters, both in-store or over the phone.

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