Meet the powerful new SC70TX stump grinder

When undertaking tree stump removal services, having the best equipment can increase productivity and efficiency, as well as allow you to take on a wider range of jobs to diversify your clientele. That is why Vermeer has designed a bigger and better tracked stump cutter, the SC70TX.

Shannon Nicholson, Environmental Equipment Product Specialist at Vermeer, said the new SC70TX takes the proven performance of the already-popular SC60TX Stump Cutter and enhances it for more power and efficiency.

“By enhancing the SC60TX, the SC70TX combines the mobility of a compact machine with exceptional power to deliver greater productivity on job sites, making it a great option for residential, commercial, municipal and rental applications,” Shannon said.

“We’ve already sold our first couple of units in Australia, and we’re certain contractors will like the extra power and speed, and ease of control that this machine offers.”

More power and speed

The new SC70TX comes with a 67hp (50 kW) Cat C2.2L turbocharged Tier 4 Final/ Stage IIIB diesel engine.

“Compared to the SC60TX, which has 60hp (44.7kW), the enhanced power of the SC70TX makes it ideal for tough cutting jobs and tough enough to withstand much larger stumps,” Shannon said.

“It’s also been equipped with an increased ground drive speed and is designed to help decrease ground disturbance, meaning you can get around the job site faster with minimal damage to the existing ground surface.”

It also comes with a stronger gearbox which directs the maximum amount of horsepower to the cutter wheel, enabling it to cut at speeds of 880rpm for optimal job
site productivity.

Packed full of features

The SC70TX also comes equipped with a number of other safety and performance features that makes the SC60TX and other machines in Vermeer’s stump cutter range so popular, including the operator presence system and SmartSweep control system.

“The operator control system is intended to help protect the operator.

Click here to read the full article in the October edition of The Australian Arbor Age Magazine.

The new Vermeer SC70TX Tracked Stump Cutter is now available to order. For more information or a trial call 1300 VERMEER.