HDD: Hands On Demo Day – Melbourne

Date: 16 April, 2024
Location: Melbourne, VIC

This is your chance to operate some of Vermeer’s specialist range of horizontal directional drills, including the D40x55 S3 and D23x30 S3 drills, along with the MX300D Mixing System and R250C Reclaimer. We will also be showcasing Verifier™ G3 Utility Locator, the latest Ultra X3 Drilling tool and more. The training will provide you with the chance to participate in live hands-on demonstrations and learn more about HDD fundamentals, best practices, HDD tooling and bore planning.

Date: Tuesday 16 April 2024

Time: 8am – 5pm

Location: Wallan, Victoria

To make a booking, please contact our Vermeer representatives below:

Adrian Greed
0409 699 435

Jim Cairns
0428 128 308