Versatility for a competitive edge

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A local business on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula has been busily tackling jobs from Frankston to […]

Clear Line Tree Solutions

Mornington Peninsula, VIC

S925TX Mini Skid Steer Loader

Vermeer S925TX Mini Loader with Land Leveler attachment

A local business on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula has been busily tackling jobs from Frankston to Portsea, offering a range of services that has given it a competitive edge. Choosing machines that have the potential to multiply revenue streams, get into tight, low access areas, and increase capabilities are essential for a business with only a small fleet. With the combination of a Vermeer mini skid steer loader and wood chipper, Clear Line Tree Solutions is taking full advantage of everything these machines have to offer.

For seven and a half years, Graham Stewart, Owner of Clear Line Tree Solutions, has been providing tree trimming and removal services in the Morning Peninsula area. Graham’s first experience with a Vermeer mini skid steer loader was when he purchased a second-hand S800TX for his own jobs around the house.

“I first bought the second-hand S800TX mini loader predominantly for around home. I never intended to take it to work because I had a winch on the work machine that did most of the heavy lifting. But then on a couple of occasions I took it to work and found out how wrong I was,” Graham said.

“The productivity I achieved was fantastic. Especially at the end of the day when you’re moving firewood to the back of the truck or clearing the site for the customer. It does all the heavy lifting for you.”

Investing in productivity

With the success of the S800TX, and after witnessing the increase in productivity the compact mini loader brought to his business, Graham made the choice to upgrade and invest in a new S925TX for more lifting capacity.

“It gives me the capability to do jobs on a larger scale than I’ve previously been capable of. My business is just me and another worker, so having the mini skid steer loader is like employing another two men to do the heavy lifting for you. It turns up every day and never has a sore back.”

The S925TX is a compact machine that has a tipping capacity of 1198.8kg and rated operating capacity of 419.6kg, while reaching a maximum hinge pin height of 214.6cm. This makes it a force to be reckoned with for any size job.

The standard dual hydraulic auxiliary system with high flow can power the most demanding attachments, from the trencher to the grapple or cement mixer.

The portability, affordability, and diverse range of available accessories and attachments are one of the keys benefits of the Vermeer mini loaders.

Expanding to multiple revenue streams

The various attachments that can be used with Vermeer’s mini skid steer loader range has given Graham the opportunity to expand his business services and opened up new revenue streams.

“I’ve started using the mini loader for contracted work and building up business with different mini loader services. You can get a range of different attachments, which is allowing me to work with electricians and builders doing things like trenching and moving soil,” Graham said.

Graham uses his mini skid steer loader in conjunction with his Vermeer wood chipper, allowing him to take on jobs with limited access.

“The mini steer loader fits on the back of the truck, with the chipper towed behind; I can take it to jobs and unload it down the ramp. There’s plenty of spots down in the peninsula that you can’t get the truck and chipper down to. I can take the mini skid steer out and collect the materials, and bring them back to the chipper. That’s a massive bonus down here,” Graham said.

“It’s given me an edge on how I can run my business and the services I can provide. There’s no doubt I will continue to work with Vermeer in the future”.