Quality trenching equipment and customer service key to success

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Bernard Schiller said the company decided to invest in a new trencher as its previous machine had worked up a lot of hours of use, so it was the right time to invest in new equipment.

Schillers Town & Country Electrical

Wagga Wagga, Rural NSW

RTX1250 Ride-on Trencher

Schillers Town & Country Electrical and their RTX1250 Ride-On Trencher

For companies like Schillers Town & Country Electrical, having reliable equipment and a supplier that can provide after-sales support to regional areas is important to keep operations running. When it came time to upgrade an old trenching machine and expand its fleet with a new smaller trencher, these two factors played a key role in the company investing in a RTX1250 Ride-on Trencher and a RTX450 Ride-on Trencher from Vermeer.

Located in Wagga Wagga in regional New South Wales and servicing the Riverina region, Schillers Town & Country Electrical has been installing pipelines for around ten years. The company installs tanks and troughs for stock water systems and poly-pipelines, and over the past three to four years it has been taking on bigger jobs where over 100km of trenching is required.

Updating old equipment

Bernard Schiller said the company decided to invest in a new trencher as its previous machine had worked up a lot of hours of use, so it was the right time to invest in new equipment.

“At the time I was looking at bringing a second-hand machine over from the U.S. I had also looked at prices of other brands,” Mr Schiller said.

“Then Kevin Gilbert from Vermeer in Albury managed to get in contact with me at the right time. I caught up with him and looked further into what they offered, and decided to go with a Vermeer machine because it was the best equipment that I could buy to fit in with my setup.

“The conditions out here can be very hot and the RTX1250 has a very good cooling system, and I’m confident in putting someone else on the machine, rather than me being on it all the time. The increase in horsepower from my previous machine means that I’ve managed to get the trenching jobs done quicker.

“I’ve found Kevin to be very good throughout the process, and ever since I’ve had the machine. Overall, Vermeer’s customer support has been excellent – it’s what I need when something goes wrong and I need that support straightaway.”

Putting the equipment to work

Not long after purchasing the RTX1250, Mr Schiller purchased a second smaller Vermeer trencher, the RTX450.

“I had been thinking about trading in a smaller machine for a second-hand machine. I spoke to Kevin about it a number of times, and decided it’s an important part of our operation to have a smaller machine as well, so we decided to purchase a new one,” Mr Schiller said.

Mr Schiller said both machines are still quite new and the team is getting used to them, but he has so far found them to be great additions to his fleet.

“For me to be successful in this industry I need the best gear that I can buy, and as far as I’m concerned, I’ve got it.”

Since receiving the RTX1250, Mr Schiller has been using it on a project to install stock water systems on big rural properties.

“We’re working with Darling Irrigation on the project. Solar bores are being put in and then we’re installing the infrastructure, running poly-pipeline from those bores to tanks and troughs,” Mr Schiller said.

Getting customer support when needed

Mr Schiller said he is very happy with the customer service he has received from Vermeer since purchasing the RTX1250 and knowing that someone will be able to help with the machines at short notice is invaluable.

“I feel confident knowing that Vermeer is there to support me if something goes wrong, and the fact that the machines are under warranty is important for me,” Mr Schiller said.

“In the past I haven’t had that support, which I desperately needed, and now that I do it’s taken a lot of pressure off me knowing that they’re there, a phone call away, or a day away, to do something to the machine if need be.

“I look forward to building more of a relationship with Vermeer.”