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John Bailey Tree Removals has been servicing Victoria’s Macedon Ranges region for more than 20 years. […]

John Bailey Tree Removals

Macedon Ranges, Victoria

S800TX Mini Loader, BC1500 Wood Chipper

Vermeer Australia - S800TX Mini Skid Steer

John Bailey Tree Removals has been servicing Victoria’s Macedon Ranges region for more than 20 years. Over those two decades, the family run business has expanded, upgraded and managed their fleet to ensure they are achieving maximum productivity with reliable equipment. Here, James Bailey, part owner of John Bailey Tree Removals, talks about the benefits of prioritising productivity when it comes to choosing the best equipment.

John Bailey Tree Removals offers a variety of services including tree and stump removal, pruning, hedge trimming and tree cabling. Their fleet includes mini loaders, stump grinders, wood chippers, tipper trucks and skid steers. With the right equipment being at the forefront of success for the business, Mr James Bailey said the main criteria when selecting equipment is its productivity value.

Investing in the best equipment

John Bailey Tree Removals recently invested in the Vermeer SC652 stump grinder and the S800TX mini skid steer to increase the productivity of its fleet.

“We did a bit of research in to the S800TX, and having attended a few machine demonstrations, it was clearly one of the better machines around. Even though it was a little bit dearer it beat the other machines hand down,” Mr Bailey said.

The ergonomics of the S800TX mini skid steer are a key differentiator and contribute to the machine’s productivity benefits. The spring-cushioned operator platform features padded wings that support and protect the operator, and the operator’s console is easy to operate for long periods. The S800TX also features a narrower footprint than competitive models, which enhances manoeuvrability and increases access to confined spaces.

Recently, Mr Bailey also acquired the Vermeer BC1500 Wood Chipper as an upgrade to his current fleet.

“It’s lightweight, gets us access to small, confined spaces and has a fairly high productivity for chipping. We’re also still able to easily tow it behind the car,” Mr Bailey said.

The BC1500 enhances productivity with its SmartFeed system that monitors engine rpm and automatically controls the feed rollers, as well as an automotive-style clutch and a four position feed control bar. It is also equipped with a 170 litre fuel tank that allows around 17 hours of continuous operation. Vertical feed rollers reduce vibration, shock, and structural loading to the rear of the machine.

After sales support for confidence and reliability

Mr Bailey said an important factor in ensuring business productivity is having confidence in knowing you have a reliable product backed by fast, quality service.

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