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Underground Network Services (UNS) is based in South East Queensland, and specialise in civil construction and […]

Underground Network Services (UNS)

South East Queensland, Australia


Vermeer D36x50DR Horizontal Directional Drill

Underground Network Services (UNS) is based in South East Queensland, and specialise in civil construction and the installation of underground assets using trenchless technology and excavation. UNS services various markets across Australia, including telecommunications, water and wastewater, gas and electricity. It is committed to providing all clients with a high standard of underground asset installation services, and the key to achieving this is with the use of modern equipment and receiving strong support from suppliers.


Underground Network Services is able to provide a high standard of service as the company has invested in a large fleet of trucks and equipment, giving them the resources they need to face almost any challenge and get the job done, whilst exceeding customers’ expectations, Vermeer play a vital role in this.

“Our business prides itself on reliability and consistency in a high risk and often reactive environment. The Vermeer equipment we have invested in supports our company to deliver on this ethos to our clients and, as a result, fits with our core values as a company,” Shaun Harwood said.

“Our management and support team have over 30 years’ experience in the HDD industry, which gives us the ability to select the most suitable equipment for each project day in and day out.”


Mr Harwood said there were a number of reasons the company decided to purchase Vermeer equipment.

“The industry reputation that Vermeer Australia holds and the past experience our team has had with them, gave us confidence to purchase Vermeer equipment,” Mr Harwood said.

“Vermeer has a history of constant improvement and this has led to equipment that has a reputation of getting the job done across a wide variety of conditions. This is important to UNS.

“Our sales team worked closely with Vermeer’s product specialists throughout the buying process. The industry knowledge of the Vermeer team gave us the tools we needed to select the right equipment to meet our needs.”

UNS has a large fleet of Vermeer equipment on hand including three HDD machines (D20x22II, D36X50 and D36X50DR), two vacuum excavators (VSK70-800HD and VSK100-1600HDXT), and two mixing systems (MX-125 and MX-240).

These machines are used on a variety of projects such as connecting customers to the telecommunications network, and working on projects for the Department of Education to install power and communications at local and remote schools. UNS is also an accredited Multi-technology Integrated Master Agreement (MIMA) and Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) delivery partner for the NBN.

“Our three HDD rigs are currently working primarily on the NBN rollout in New South Wales and Queensland, helping to connect every residential home and business across Australia to high-speed broadband.”

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