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Having access to the right knowledge and equipment for any job is the key to […]

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Having access to the right knowledge and equipment for any job is the key to unlocking business success, particularly when it comes to finding the right technology to meet the needs of a changing landscape. In this article, R&R McClure Excavations Director Tim McClure discusses how adopting an emerging vacuum excavation technology has supported his business goals.

R&R McClure Excavations specialises in underground infrastructure and asset relocation using horizontal directional drilling and other excavation techniques, and prides itself on being able to tackle any job with a vast team of operators ready to develop solutions.

In order to provide the best solutions, the company is always searching for efficient and durable equipment to add to its fleet, which is driven by the varied needs of its clients.

“We carry a lot of specialised tooling that lets us perform specialised work,” says Mr McClure.

“We have directional drills, vacuum and suction trucks, and excavators, as well as a lot of other minor equipment that’s specialised like ground penetrating radar.”

In order to keep up with the increasing demand for specialist operators in confined spaces that are often hazardous or a high-risk areas, R&R McClure acquired a Gerotto Lombrico vacuum excavation remotely operated vehicle (ROV).

The Lombrico ROV was chosen for its ability to provide operators with a safer approach when working in these conditions.


Mr McClure says the company spent two years considering the addition of a vacuum excavation ROV to its fleet. Alternative methods were sought to achieve the desired results, but it was ultimately decided that the Lombrico ROV was the right equipment for its needs.

“We spent a bit of time in consideration, but we also knew what we needed to do the work, and it had to complement our larger dry suction trucks, which is why we went with the Gerotto equipment,” he says.

It had the right specification for the work we needed to undertake, like limited access, cleaning in culverts and pipes, and it also has a good quality workmanship and was engineered to handle tough environments.”


Mr McClure says the company has been using the ROV on a large range of projects with varying objectives.

“We’ve used it on cleaning up a syphon pipe where we needed to de-sludge and dewater the pipe before an internal repair could be made. It allows us to undertake our work without sending staff in the pipe to clean it,” he says.

“It’s enabled us to gain access to these limited and confined spaces that are normally a hazardous or a high-risk area. So sending this equipment in first is less risk for our staff.”


Gerotto’s Lombrico series of vacuum excavation ROVs ensure that the operator remains in a safe position and isn’t exposed to hazardous conditions. The size and modular design of the series has excellent manoeuvrability, making it ideal for cleaning operations as well as confined space operation.

It is powered via an external hydraulic power pack and operated via an umbilical remote. This remote can be detached for a wireless connection to the camera and drive functions. It features a fully stainless steel structure, making it resistant to corrosion and increasing the unit’s weight, which provides greater traction for the unit’s rubber track system. It can also be customised with a variety of tools, depending on the type of job, such as:

• bora nose for the aspiration of muddy materials

• frontal auger to crush solid materials

• frontal high-pressure nozzles for removing oily substances and for cleaning the suction hose

• noses (45° and 90°) and adaptable buckets

• video inspection system available for remote monitoring and inspection of assets.


Vermeer is the sole Australian supplier of Gerotto’s products and has been working with R&R McClure for 17 years.

“Vermeer has enabled our business to access the equipment needed to complete our work and expand our capabilities as a business,” says Mr McClure. “The sales team are always very reliable and they know their products.

“They’re always informing us of the right solutions for our needs, and going through Vermeer ensures that you’re getting good quality, reliable products and after-sales support.”

Published in the March edition of Trenchless Austalasia.