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For vegetation management company Treescape Australasia, safety and reliability are among the key features it looks for when purchasing equipment.

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Treescape Australasia Delivering Green Asset Management Solutions

For vegetation management company Treescape Australasia, safety and reliability are among the key features it looks for when purchasing equipment. They need to know that their machines can cope with the huge diversity of the amazing landscapes they work in every day. Having come across a number of equipment suppliers in his career, Allan Kliese, southeast Queensland Business Manager at Treescape Australasia, has found that Vermeer’s range of wood chippers, stump cutters and whole tree chippers are among the best available, capable of working long hours in tough physical environments.

As certified arborists and environmental consultants, Treescape aims to lead the way in green asset management through the safe and efficient delivery of innovative, integrated and sustainable solutions.

Their services include the safe removal of trees, tree management, tree transplanting, stump removal, stump grinding and mulching across eastern Australia and New Zealand.

Treescape also specialises in large-scale commercial landscape planting projects and contracts, including parks, reserves and wetland planting.

To maintain plant health, their expert tree pruning, tree trimming and tree cutting crews have the equipment and expertise to safely carry out tree maintenance services with minimal disruption to the land or property owner.

Mr Kliese said that the company prides itself on being a leader in green asset management.

“We have contracts with leading utilities, councils and commercial clients. Treescape delivers a number of specialised services, including tree audits, removals, pruning, planting, plant health care and revegetation.”

Mr Kliese explained that having access to the right equipment is essential to achieving successful outcomes on projects.

“Treescape has experienced staff, but we work handin-hand with equipment suppliers like Vermeer to make sure the most modern and best tool for the job is being purchased,” Mr Kliese said.

“Treescape has long-standing contracts and cannot afford to have substandard equipment in the field that would cause downtime or compromise anyone’s safety.

“Vermeer has always provided the best equipment, but the after-sales support service also gives our business greater confidence in every purchase.”


According to Mr Kliese, Treescape has partnered with Vermeer since 2006, with Vermeer equipment offering a number of project efficiency benefits over other alternatives considered.

He said that the company chose to fill its fleets with Vermeer wood chippersstump cutters and whole tree chippers because the quality is second to none.

“With a huge range of chippers, stump grinders, vacuum excavators and skid steers that complement the service offering from Treescape, Vermeer was an easy choice,” Mr Kliese said.

“Vermeer’s equipment was purchased to work long hours in tough physical environments, ensuring more productivity for each dollar spent. Machines from other brands just don’t cut it when it comes to length of time in the field compared to Vermeer.”

Mr Kliese said that throughout the sales and after-sales process the experience with Vermeer has been very positive, and the relationship directly contributes to the success of the business.

“Vermeer always delivered when it was time to renew machinery or purchase new equipment as a result of a successful tender,” Mr Kliese said.

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