Branching into landscaping with versatile and compact equipment

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In the landscaping and building industry, having the right equipment can not only make jobs […]

Rick Walters Homes

Hervey Bay, QLD

S925TX Mini Skid Steer Loader

Rick Walter and his Vermeer S925TX Mini Loader

In the landscaping and building industry, having the right equipment can not only make jobs easier, it can also enable a company to expand its business and take on jobs it previously couldn’t. Looking to grow its services and capabilities in the industry, Rick Walter Homes decided to invest in a Vermeer mini skid steer loader.

Rick Walters from Rick Walters Homes has been building quality homes for 35 years in Hervey Bay in Queensland’s Wide Bay-Burnett region. As well as building homes, the company provides other building services such as extensions, renovations, commercial and maintenance.

After years of being in the building industry, Rick saw an opportunity to branch into landscaping, allowing him to offer these services to his home building clients, and take on jobs that had previously been outside of his capabilities.

Trading under banner of Tuff Little Digga, Rick procured a Vermeer S925TX 35HP mini skid steer loader.

“The main reason for our Tuff Little Digga business is to make building jobs easier,” Rick said.

“In the building industry it is important to have access to this type of machine whenever it is required. This allows us to be able to compete for all types of building projects, and especially those with very tight access to the site.”

Compact and versatile machines

Mini skid steer loaders offer landscapers, builders and other contractors the benefits of mechanical excavation in small spaces that would otherwise be inaccessible using traditional equipment.

The variety of attachments available to be used with the machine also make it very versatile, enabling it to complete a wide variety of tasks without the need for other machines.

Rick said it was these features that led him to purchasing a mini skid steer loader, and his past experiences with this type of equipment meant choosing a Vermeer product was an easy decision.

“Due to the experience gained watching and using this type of machinery over the last 35 years, it has been no trouble stepping in and operating the Vermeer S925TX mini skid steer loader,” Rick said.

“In the past, we have hired other brand name machines, but found the controls on the Vermeer mini skid steer loader to be very easy to use and become familiar with. The machine also has plenty of power for our applications, both in building and landscaping.

“The S925TX and implements supplied by Vermeer are a pleasure to use, with attachments like the NORM Engineering 4-in-1 bucket, Digga trencher, cement mixer, pothole augers, Digga bucket broom, pallet forks and stump grinder. They all make for faster and more productive job applications.

“The Vermeer S925TX allowed us to start the Tuff Little Digga business on the side, doing a few building site clean ups and some drainage works in tight areas, but with its capabilities who knows where it will enable us to take the business at this stage.”

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