R500 Reclaimer

  • Automated operation
  • Quick-change screens
  • High cleaning efficiency
  • Continuous performance
  • High durability and wear resistance
  • Available as skid or trailer

The R500 reclaimer is the smallest-sized reclaimer Vermeer offers and is available as a skid and trailer version. With a relatively low weight of 2.500 kg (5,511 lb) and a height-adjustable hitch, the R500 can be towed by a van or truck. The four heavy-duty pulldown jacks for stabilization will help for quick and convenient setup of the reclaimer.


Automated operation

There’s no need to manually control valves. The level switches in the reclaimer tank and the remote level-switch in the mixing tank, help prevent overflow throughout the fluid system setup and help reduce labor.

Quick-change screens

The primary screens are kept in place with an air-clamping system, powered by an onboard air compressor. This allows for ease of access and the ability to quickly change the screens.

Cleaning efficiency

Premium cleaning performance is achieved through six 10.2-cm (4-in) long-body hydrocyclones in combination with a relatively large screen area.

Continuous performance

The heavyweight shaker deck delivers stable performance under variable processing volume. A high-capacity 11-kW (15-hp)pump is used for optimum circulation.

Durability and wear resistance

The use of high-quality, wear-resistant components maximizes the durability and life of the reclaimer.

Available as skid or trailer

The R500 reclaimer is available as skid or trailer. The skid is prepared for forklift use, and the trailer comes equipped with a height-adjustable surge brake to adapt to a variety of towing vehicles.